Change Logs

Add the support for dynamic format change.

Fixed the bug in the DiAVC registration.

many bugs are fixed.
progressive lossless mode.
fix the compatibility problem with the win7/vista.

Fixed the bug in the un-registered DiAVC filter.
Fixed the bug on "drop non-reference frames when hard".

Add MMX version.
Improved seeking speed.
Add error concealment.
Change the storage location of property page from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
Add the setting of threads number .
Add the setting of input colorspace.
Add the option of "drop non-reference frames when hard".
Fixed the bug related to the "Brightness Offset".

Improved CAVLC.
Fix a compatibility problem about reading/writing registry key.

DiAVC 1.0.2 is released.
Fix a bug related to the reading harddisk serial number.

DiAVC 1.0.1 is released.
Get rid of the dependency on MFC.
Improved registration (less dependency on hardware features).
Improved compatibility with hardwares and windows.

DiAVC 1.0.0 is released.
Add a property page.
Add supports for PC and TV input/output level.
Add supports for settings of brightness offset, contrast, saturation and hue.
Add supports for NV12, YUY2, UYVY, RGB32 and RGB24.
Add the display of input level and colorspace in VUI on property page (click on it to update).
Add an installer.
Faster startup.
Slightly faster than rc version.
Fix a bug on bitstreams with fault reference frame re-ordering.

Repeatly using threads.
More SSE2 codes (4% faster than the last version).

fix two bugs on timestampt.
Only using the main thread for old intel cpu.

fix a bug (a fault use of a sse3 code in sse2 functions)..
Fix the bug related to low-resolution videoes.
Fix a bug on parsing prefix-length sps.

Improved decoding performance.
Add SSSE3 code.
add support for delta qp>26 in cavlc mode (It is supported all along for cabac mode).

fix all deblocking-ralated bugs.
Add support for FORMAT_VideoInfo.

fix the crash bug for some ts/m2ts contents.
Enhanced video/audio synchronization.
add queues for video renderers that are "RecieveCanBlock()==S_OK".

fixed the compability problem with directVOBSUB.
fixed some problems in the filter
Improved supports to VFR samples

Faster start and seek
Fix the timestamp position shifting for repeated streams PROBABILY

Force both the width and the height mod 16 when madVR is used.

fixed the playback problem in MPC-HC.
fixed the back-and-forth frame hopping.
fixed the problem in win 64-bit PROBABLY.

weighted_pred_flag = 1 is supported.
MANY bugs including the bugs in the decoder and bugs in the filter are fixed.

the new version improve the registration part and add support to other windows platforms

The DiAVC alpha version is released. The and a setting tool is included.
It supports the interlace coding and frame-level parallel.

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